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Organizations that are part of the movement.

California Independence

Independent California Organizations
Yes California is the largest and most widely-known community of activists who believe that California should be an independent country.
The California Freedom Coalition is a non profit organization formed under CA statute 23701d (IRS 501c3) to educate, assist and organize California residents through peaceful means in order to ensure we have a place to live that reflects our values.
California Liberation Movement (CALM) was founded in 2019 to educate and encourage people to support the liberation of the State of California from the United States.
Independent California is a non-profit dedicated to moving California in a more democratic, more independent direction.
California National Party intends to run candidates, especially at the local level, who will advance our policies and foster the strengthening of our California identity, all while working within our communities to make the lives of all Californians better today.
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