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California Liberation Movement PAC

California Liberation Movement (CALM) was founded in 2019 to educate and encourage people to support the liberation of the State of California from the United States.

The new organization, “California Liberation Movement Political Action Committee” (CALM-PAC), has been recognized by the California Secretary of State and granted the right to raise funds from the public to participate in electoral campaigns and ballot initiative contests. In addition, “CALM-PAC” will conduct an active public education campaign to organize Californians, including more than nine million Californians over age 18 who support independence for California now, to prepare for independence and world leadership, since independence from the United States is not an alternative that is safe to reject.

As a “liberation movement,” a major goal of CALM is to establish that California is entitled to be independent under international law, as she was a de facto independent state when the United States invaded and conquered her in 1846. Even under U.S. military occupation, the State of California was established without the authorization of the U.S. Congress, and it functioned for over a year without being either a state or territory of the United States of America.

Leaders: Hal Lohr, Hannah Miyamoto
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