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California National Party

California National Party intends to run candidates, especially at the local level, who will advance our policies and foster the strengthening of our California identity, all while working within our communities to make the lives of all Californians better today.
  • The CNP is the actual political party within the movement, this means you can register with a secession supporting political party in California right now! While the most important thing you can do for this group would registering to vote by writing California National Party in where it says party preference there are other ways to participate in this group at the activist level.
  • The CNP has been around longer than the other groups and has gained a lot of wisdom as far as the successes and failures are concerned. This experience is important, and all the groups would benefit by learning from that wisdom.
  • The CNP has a large and active online presence and they can be found easily on Facebook making them an ideal outlet if you were into voter registration drives or building a political party. Political science majors, people with campaign or legislative experience, and attorneys are all encouraged to investigate joining the ranks of the CNP.
  • Even if you are not that active or don’t have the time to engage physically the CNP offers a way to express your desire for independence in the
    most democratic way possible, by your vote!
  • While I encourage everyone to register for the CNP regardless of your group affiliations the California Independence Movement acknowledges the diversity of our people. With that great diversity comes a deep and rich talent pool we get to draw from.
  • David Gregory February 2020
Leaders: Michael Loebs, Theo Slater
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