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Yes California Calexit

Yes California is the largest and most widely-known community of activists who believe that California should be an independent country.
  • If you are the talented, driven, artistic type who excels at media, marketing, acting, or you just have a hell of a stage presence I encourage you to investigate Yes California.
  • Yes California is probably the best known of the independence groups which is why encourage those media savvy folks to direct their attention here. Yes California is headed by Marcus Evans and has been working since 2016 towards secession.
  • This group has been the most successful in its messaging campaign and its leadership is very comfortable in front of the camera. I consider this the PR wing of the movement and in the modern age a vital component to the movement. If you can give a mean speech or even write one, if you can give a thought-provoking interview, or if you can make a beautiful political video then please check out Yes California! This part of the movement is the part where you get your shine on or work to develop someone else’s shine! Yes California has a large online presence online.
  • David Gregory February 2020
Leaders: Marcus Ruiz Evans (President since July 4 2017), John Pomeroy (Director of Outreach), Bart Gilbert (memorium)
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